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23 January 2012 @ 04:03 pm
Imperial Intelligence Intercept of Republic Strategic Information Service Analysis of Darth Siniss  

Imperial Intelligence Intercept J-72345-2687W-AEL84-234K-1110P-2320932-UE-09007636514189


Admiral Dravin,

You requested information about the Ryll sickness affecting the fifteenth fleet a few years back, and I finally have some answers for you. Your suspicions about the relationship between the fleet sabotage and the incident at Foundry are correct, sir. I smuggled this file out of SIS in a bio-matrix implanted in my body to get through the scanners, and am sending it to you now. The file details the individual that SIS believes to be the architect behind those two incidents, plus one more I believe you will find interesting. She is almost certainly behind many more atrocities, but nothing can be definitely attributed at this time.

I remain, as always, your dutiful son,

Lt. Col Jevers Dravin,
Senate Strategic Information Service

Begin File BG-5879-RA-547V-Ω65847625147-¥55489991


SIS Analysis of Darth Siniss

By Dr. Azira Prisk'fey, Grade 2 Sith Analyst, Senate Strategic Information Services

{Note: Like nearly all republic intelligence documents dealing with pre-treaty events, this monograph measures pre-treaty dates From the Founding. Dates after the Treaty of Coruscant are measured in accordance with that chronology. The other system’s measurement is shown in square brackets.}

The Strategic Information Service has been able to ferret out surprisingly little information about the earliest life of the Sith known as Siniss, but what is known projects a disturbing holo indeed. SIS Psychological profiles maintain that Siniss is a sociopathic individual capable of any action that she sees as advancing her power, prestige, or position in the imperial hierarchy. Furthermore, SIS Psych division reports that Siniss believes the Sith struggle for position and power is a distraction, just a clever game devised by the emperor to keep his rivals off balance. We are unable to determine exactly what her long term plans are, but her actions thus far have been malevolent in the extreme.

Early Life

That the being known now as Siniss is Rattataki is certain. Her world of origin, however, cannot be determined with any reliability. SIS surmises that her ancestry can be traced to the expedition of Sith Lord Darth Vich in 21373 FF [-27 TC]. SIS believes she was born between 21373 FF and 21375 FF [-27 to -25 TC]. There is scant information on her as a child. We believe that she was one of a number of slave girls raised in the household of Sith Lord Horkuth Vain, a minor follower of Darth Vich.

As a side note, there was a power play between Lord Horkuth and Darth Vich during this time. Sometime during 21375 FF [-23 TC] Darth Vich attempted to use his Rattataki army (including quite a few apprentices) to kill Darth Thanus, a member of the Dark Council (and, incidentally, the master of Darth Vich. During this attempt, Lord Horkuth betrayed Darth Vich to advance his own position. As his reward, Lord Vain was given rich estates on Dromund Kaas, and allowed to keep his Rattataki, the only Sith Lord able to do so. He was also granted the title of Darth Vain, Overseer of the Rattataki.

Rise to Power

The first reported instance of the use of the name Siniss in Imperial records occurs in 21399 FF or 1 TC, according to the new system of timekeeping. She is reported to be an acolyte on Korriban. Within a matter of months, she apprentices to Lord Mordin, about whom we have very little information ((Mordin is a priority alpha gamma intelligence subject. No Imperial datafiles on Mordin exist. Mordin appears to be a cipher. Refer to file AG-8345-US-34R0-Ω34985349587-¥22439834)).

Lord Mordin’s instruction of Siniss seemed to be unconventional. SIS believes that no face to face interaction occurred; messages were delivered through intermediaries only, perhaps hacked droids, although we are uncertain about this last point.

We do know that Siniss absolutely destroyed several key operations {equipment, personnel, total data loss} that SIS was running on a number of different planets, ranging from Muunilist to Eriadu (Full listing includes: Abregado-rae, Balmorra, Boonta, Carida, Eriadu, Esseles, Fondor, Muunilist, Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, and Ralltir). These losses are believed to be at the direction of Lord Mordin.

Siniss possesses a ship, identified as the Serenity; that is quite capable of destroying any space fighter thrown against it. The Serenity has also destroyed four frigates sent against her, SIS is issuing an BOLO for this ship along with an alert indicating that it is to be considered heavily armed and extremely dangerous.

SIS believes that Siniss confronted and defeated Darth Mordin to claim the title of Darth Siniss for herself at his behest. We have absolutely no confirmation of this, and only a single, unreliable source for this information, Darth Siniss herself. Darth Mordin has not been active since the supposed confrontation in 4 TC.

Attributed Incidents

Since her ascension, Darth Siniss has become hard to track, having few alliances and leaving few records. She prefers to work in secret, and organizes strikes against vulnerable republic targets using brilliant but unorthodox methods that cannot be traced to the Empire. We believe that the following attacks can now be attributed to Darth Siniss:

The Neimoidian Incident

In 5 TC, the crews of dozens of Republic ships were found to be acting extremely erratically, nearly crippling the fleets protecting the Quellor Run, the Trellent Run, and the Commenor Run. During the time the fleets were down, we believe that insurgents were placed on Foundry, and something happened on Commenor, but SIS has no idea what actually occurred at this point. The cause of the sickness has been traced back to air filters produced on Cato Neimoidia under contract to the Republic, that had been laced with minute amounts of Ryll. The spice built up in the Spacer’s bodies over a period of weeks, and then the factory stopped shipping the spiced filters and began shipping plain filters once again. The sailors’ sickness was simply withdrawal symptoms.

The full incident report is contained in file CL-4473-NG-G95F-₴14658713548-¥54862115

The Disaster at Foundry

During the colony fleet sickness (Neimoidian incident), a few dozen mercenaries were surreptitiously inserted onto Foundry, a planet where War Materials are produced in quantity for the Republic using automated factories. These mercenaries (later identified as disgraced members of Republic Special forces, court-martialed for war crimes and sentenced to death) carried enormous amounts of explosives with them, as well as the security access codes for the planetary defense grid. Using the security codes, they disarmed many of the factories, and set off their explosives, causing trillions of credits in damages, and damaging the Republic’s ability to make war effectively. However, their ship exploded when leaving the atmosphere, leaving no survivors to hunt down and question.

The full incident report is contained in file CL-4473-NG-G95F-₴14658713548-¥54862116

The Massacre on the Lady Celeste

The Lady Celeste was an Alderaanian Princess class Pleasure Liner carrying passengers along the Hydian way between Corsin and Denon. In 8 TC, as the ship entered the outskirts of the Exodeen system, they responded to the distress beacon of an XS light freighter, the Last Chance, out of Skako. It was slowly tumbling and venting gas, and apparently had no power. The Lady Celeste responded to the beacon by tractoring the ship into a landing bay, in accordance with the spacefaring regulations. Unfortunately, it was a trap. Darth Siniss was aboard the Last Chance and she killed the crew and activating the beacon. Her target was the Lady Celeste and her prize was a republic diplomat – Ansara Beladonna, whom she planned to turn into a pet. Beladonna, however, had a Jedi and his Padawan as a bodyguard.

The first thing that Darth Siniss did when she boarded the Lady Celeste was disable communications and main power in the engine room. She also vents the engineering compartments and bridge to space. By this point, everyone on board knows something is wrong, so she announces that she is in control, and if they want to live that they will remain in their cabins until she is finished with her mission. Siniss then proceeds to Beladonna’s cabin.

Lage Fen-ron and his Trianii Padawan Tiikaa proved no match for Darth Siniss. All of this was captured on security holorecording. Her cruel visage as she stunned Fen-ron and then played with his padawan, eventually shocking her to death is unsurprising. What is surprising is her extreme care in vivisecting the human Jedi with a vibroscalpel, carefully peeling away his skin and viscera layer by layer, and keeping him alive, awake, and in enormous pain until she removed his brain after two hours of torture.

After this, Darth Siniss brutally puts down an attempt to retake the ship by the crew and some of the passengers. To punish the survivors, she either amputates all of their limbs or exposes them to the vacuum of space for one second for her own amusement. Knowing that her time is short, she forces the remaining 239 people aboard the ship in order of height and kills everyone under 132 cm with lightning. This is 43 individuals, many of them younglings. At this point, 14 members of the crowd rush her, and she decapitates all of them in less than a second.

Finally, Darth Siniss leaves for the Last Chance. Upon leaving the bay, the blaster cannons on the Last Chance blow open the dome over the central area in which everyone left behind was trapped.

At this point the Last Chance moves out of recording range.

This is one of the very few holorecordings we have of Darth Siniss. It is sickening to view. However, to be complete, refer to file BV-5764-KY-20PM-₳98264735761-₦66482411

Refer to file AG-8345-US-34R0-Ω34985349587-¥22439834

Current Intelligence

The current location of Siniss is currently classed as officially unknown, because sigint (signal intelligence) and sapint (sapient intelligence [spies]) place her at various locations across the galaxy.