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14 January 2012 @ 07:01 pm
Journal Entry 1  
IR 1256. Day 14

This is the journal of the rise to power of Siniss, soon to be Dark Lord of the Sith. I shall chronicle my rise to power and those that I crush on my path to inevitable victory. I shall also enter into this journal those insects whose eventual torture, humiliation, and agonizing death merits my special attention. My mastery of the Dark Side of the Force shall not be questioned. I will have the power that is my birthright.

I began as a slave in the household of Lord Horkuth Vain, raised from birth to become someone’s pleasure toy. This ended, of course, in my 10th year upon the start of my practical training. Lord Vain traded my highly valued virginity for numerous political favors to a corrupt official. It didn’t work out the way anyone expected. When my rapist tried to – well, he sings beautifully now, and didn’t really need those dangly bits anyway. Surprisingly for me, my fear and anger rose up in a great wave, and gave me enormous strength to slam the bastard back against the wall and rip off his bits. It was my first taste of the Dark Side, and my first taste of power. It would not be the last.

As a punishment, I was sent to the Cortosis mines. I struggled for four years. Four long, hate filled years, waiting for revenge, honing my anger, slowly being poisoned. There are many stories I could tell about how I killed this slave or that overseer, but they bore me right now. The end of my slavery came when Lady Foss came to look at a cash of artifacts uncovered when we disturbed an ancient tomb with our mining. As she passed by me on the way out, she suddenly stopped and looked me in the eye. I looked straight back, unbowed by my grinding labor or her superior status.

“Who are you, to stand tall in my presence and glow so brightly with the force?” she asked.
“Siniss, Lady. I am just Siniss.” I responded.
“Bow before your betters, Siniss.” She demanded.
“When I see one, I will do so.”

She laughed, and then told me to follow her out of this hellhole, she had another place for me to serve the empire. And that was the beginning of my time at the academy.
Current Location: Korriban